New Zombie

I’ve reskinned the zombie, it looks a bit crappy but still is good. It’s for the new skin pack. Here are pics.

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ANNOUNCED: Cinematic 1 (Half Life: Source skin pack)

It’ll be a great skin pack, I’ll update the news when I can.

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Dear Fake Factory

Is it possible if you can make an HD version of this zombie skin? It would be an nice addition to your repository also. Please leave you’re reply.

From, Lucas Henkel

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Elite Metrocop

Ok for the mod I would like the Elite Metro Cop with this model it’s the cop on the left.

It’s the same as a Metrocop except the Metrocop will only have a M9 Berreta (or glock in HL2 Normal) and the Elite will have an OICW from E3.

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My 2 Texture Packs

Lucas’s Realistic Texture Pack:

Lucas’s Realistic Texture Pack X:

All updated for Minecraft Version 1.0.0

The X is the one that will be continued being updated and the one without is my original one, I won’t work on it anymore.

I give credit to Misa for some textures.

Leave any comments if you want a mod skin request or improve on something or etc.

NOTE: This pack won’t be updated anymore, but anyone can use it.

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Mod Idea: Troodon

I have a mod idea, it’s cool however I need people to make it. I need people who can: make the mob, model, skin, and program. To tell me if you wanna help leave a comment and say what will you help with and your steam username. If you don’t know Steam:

This mod will be kinda like this mod:

This mod will add this mob: Troodon

But first you have to dig up it’s fossil and an amber, then you must put the amber into the drill block (like furnace redstone’s fuel and the amber is on top) to get DNA of it. collect the head, body, and tail Troodon fossils put them in the crafting bench (no order required) and make the skeleton. put them into a Embryo Cloner (like furnace fuel is DNA and the top is the skeleton) to make the embryo. Then place the embryo into a Troodon Hatchery. It’s function should be like a furnace but the fuel is where a chicken egg goes and the top is the embryo. After that throw the egg (right click) on the ground and then um run away.

The Troodon is very hard to attack. It’s poisonous and 1 hit = 3 hearts + poison. 4 hits with diamond sword till death. It acts like a normal mob though, so it won’t paralyze you then rip your abdomen open to make a nest. More info go to:

For a cam in-game with Troodons: Quarantine Pen In-Game

I want it to look like the one from Jurassic Park the game, especially the big glowing eyes and it’s sounds. Here are some pics so go ahead and leave a comment if you wanna help. :)

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