Rpg Maker VX Ace

I’d like to say that Rpg Maker VX Ace is an awesome and extremely easy maker. I figured out its controls and made tests so quickly (within 1 – 2 hours from purchase). There is so many resource packs and music packs, it’s unbelievable! You can use the famous High Fantasy packs to simple Futuristic styled pack. Rpg Maker helped me plan a future test game for it, and I love the community and its content. I love Rpg Maker and I recommend it to all of you future early game developers out there!

You know their Motto

“RPG Maker helps you make your own game.”

Forum Link: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/

If i were to win a few giveaways during Golden Week 2 btw, I’d aim for the High Fantasy Party Pack and maybe the Cinematic Music Pack. They may go great for a high fantasy game. But as I said before, I recommend this builder to many people out there. It may not be cheap, but it’s worth the price! :3