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  • Exits revisited

    In the past weeks, I’ve been adding more and more content to the game and I noticed something that I wanted to fix. When I had a room with a number of exits, they would all be listed one after the other. Exits are leading North, West and South. While there’s nothing technically wrong with this approach, it just looks… Continue reading "Exits revisited"

  • Time to open those doors

    After dealing with the open/closed/locked situation in containers in my last post, I think it is time to take a look at something that is fairly similar in its mechanics… doors. I already created Exits a little while ago that I use to connect rooms, but any adventure game worth its salt also has doors, and like containers, these doors… Continue reading "Time to open those doors"

  • Time to Move

    Now that we have different rooms in place, the next logical step is to connect them and allow the player to walk from one to the other. What we need to get started is something to represent an Exit. But what is an exit in game terms? Since we’ll be making this a class, the first thing we have to… Continue reading "Time to Move"